We are constantly adding new features to Centige

A new editor, an improved user experience, and a new pricing


This update includes our new editor, our improved user experience for publishing websites and adding team members, and a new pricing system.


Zoom-in and zoom-out in canvas


Make sure everything is pixel-perfect with zoom-in and zoom-out.

Responsive design with media queries

Media queries

Add and change media queries to make your website perfect on every device.


Smart domain configuration

Domain configuration

Check your subdomain's availability and check your custom domain name's configuration from the dashboard.

Change project visibility

Make your projects private to prevent other users from cloning them (coming soon!).

Transfer projects to other teams

Transfer projects

Transfer your projects to your clients in a breeze.


New pricing

We changed our pricing system from $24 and $56 to $24 per member with unlimited private and public projects, 100GB of monthly bandwidth, and unlimited monthly pageviews.

Improvements to offline usage and the editor


This update caches images and scripts for offline usage, updates the default values for the components, and fixes an issue with the image component.

Improved offline experience

We now cache images, trusted scripts, and fonts for offline usage.

Better defaults

The editor components now come with better CSS defaults.

  • Overflow is set to "visible" instead of "auto"
  • Flex-wrap is set to "nowrap" instead of "wrap"
  • Width and height are set to "300px" instead of "100%"

Image now uses <picture />

The image component now uses the <picture /> tag.

Bug fixes and object-fit for Image


This update fixes bugs with setting values and units, and adds object-fit option for the Image component.

Bug fixes

  • Removing a value now results removing it from CSS instead of setting it to auto
  • Setting a value and its unit does not reset to the older value anymore
  • Max-width and max-height are now supported

Performance optimizations

  • Style changes are now applied faster

Image component

  • It's now possible to modify the object-fit option in the editor without any errors.

Fix stroke error


This update fixes an error that occurs when using the stroke option. It's now possible to add and remove a stroke to the View component without any errors.

Bug fixes for drag and drop


This update includes multiple bug fixes to drag and drop and the text component.

Cleaner highlights for drag and drop

We replaced the old green border shown when dragging a component with a translucent blue layer.

Fix bug when setting color for Text

We fixed a bug that was resetting the text color on select.

Fix bug when changing units

We fixed a bug that caused units and values to be ignored and reset.

Multiple improvements to the editor


This update includes multiple bug fixes and improvements to the editor and the dashboard.


Smarter inputs

Smarter inputs

Change input values by using the hidden slider or using your keyboard's up and down keys.

Expandable inputs

Expandable inputs

You can now expand the input for border-radius, border-width, margin, and padding. This allows you to control each side individually.



You can now change the measurement units. Pretty much all units are included by default, such as pixels, em, rem, and inches.

Color transparency

The transparency of colors can now be altered.

Linear gradients

You can now set the background color as a linear gradient.

Background images

Images can now also be set as backgrounds. The basic image optimizations are still applied.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts

You can now add any font from Google Fonts and it will be automatically imported and included in your project.

In-place text editing

Text can now be edited in-place rather than through the right panel.


Project Previews

The dashboard now shows a preview of every project without having to open it.


Improved deployments and no more downtime

We improved our deployment mechanism removing all possible downtime resulting from that.