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DesignBring your ideas to life

We built Centige with performance and simplicity in mind. Giving you the best tools to turn your ideas into reality.

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So fast you can use your old laptop to design your app.


No need to be a web developer to use Centige. We made sure it's intuitive and easy to use.


Design for every user from the beginning.

CollaborateBring your team together

Collaborate with your team in real-time and keep your work remote.


The whole team can edit the same design at the same time. We handle the rest.


Easily convert your designs to HTML or React and let your developers stay in sync.


You didn't like the last change you made? No worries. You can undo your changes even when collaborating with hundreds of editors.

PublishA web app in one click

Centige turns your design to a web app, optimizes your images, and publishes everything in one click. Users can install your web app and even use it when offline.

Plug and play

Easily add your domain name and publish your web app in on click.


All web apps come with a free SSL certificate.


53% of your visitors will leave if your website doesn't load within 3 seconds. That's why Centige is built with speed in mind. No matter how big, it will load within milliseconds.

Progressive Web App

Users can easily install your web app on their devices. No extra configuration is needed.


We make sure your app works perfectly offline.

Responsive images

We resize and optimize your images and load the perfect size for each user.

What's coming next...

Collaborative CMS

Write, edit, and publish articles with real-time collaboration.


Easily add members and payments to your web app.